Dedication to Quality in All Respects

Throughout its plants, its processes and customer relationships, PCA has a commitment to quality in all respects.

Two of the company’s three facilities (Brookfield, WI and Qingdao, China) have Quality Management Systems that have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1999, and the third newly opened plant in Monterey, Mexico will receive this certification by December 2017. These certifications are the foundation of PCA’s Quality Assurance program and of our continuing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Quality management system covers both production and office processes and includes ongoing staff training sessions. For the manufacturing areas, quality inspections start in the receiving area, continue at each step of the production process, and conclude with a final product inspection that is performed by independent QA Process Technicians.

Fully Engaged in Continuous Process Improvement

A continuous process improvement plan has been in place for many years, and process improvement objectives are incorporated into each manager’s performance metrics. Regular 5S meetings and Kaizen events are held to insure that employees at all levels are fully engaged and committed to delivering quality that meets customers’ technical specifications and supply expectations. We are also practitioners of the DMAIC Problem Solving Methodology.

Integrated BEAS/Oracle ERP Information and Management Software

The full implementation of PCA’s MIS system across its three production facilities makes for significant efficiencies. It permits a uniform application of standards throughout the company while making it possible to optimize costs and balance production, delivery times and location relative to client facilities.

Building Relationships Based on Customer Satisfaction

For each project, PCA makes every effort to reach a clear understanding of all customer needs so that each individual requirement can be met.

Customers can expect:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Quality Product
  • Timely, Reliable, Accurate Communication

PCA personnel are trained and committed to do whatever it takes to meet customers’ specifications and work with them to fulfill their needs and make their jobs easier.

PCA is dedicated to manufacturing products that meet the requirements and satisfaction of its customers. Essential to our goal is Customer Focus, Engineering Support, and Delivering on Commitments. Below is our certifications.

ISO 9001:2015 USA/MEXICO Click to download current certificate
iso 9001 cable assemblies
ISO 9001:2008 CHINA Click to download current certificate
Wire harness assembly manufacturer PCA is ANAB accredited and ISO 9001 certified.