what is a wire harness assembly, wire harness assembly, refrigerator wiring harness, wiring for refrigerator

What is a Wire Harness Assembly?

wire harness assembly, what is a wire harness assembly, refrigerator wiring harness, wiring for refrigerator


A wire harness assembly is also known as a wire harness, cable harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom. A wire harness is an intricate assembly of electrical wires, cables and connectors that transmits electrical power and information signals.

One of the commonest uses of wire harness assemblies is found in the transportation industry. More complex designs that are found in large trucks, such as semis, or military vehicles can contain a large number of circuits used to distribute power as well as for system control. When fully installed, individual wires can reach great lengths and may become entangled and disorganized if they are not properly bound together into a bundle.

Wire harness assemblies provide very significant advantages over loose wires and cables. The wires and cables are bound together to create an assembly that can be simply secured and protect the assembly against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture. By bonding the wires and cables into a non-flexible bundle, space utilization can be optimized, and the chance of an electrical short is greatly decreased. A wire harness bundle decreases installation time in production as well, making the process easily standardized.

The beginning stage of wire harness design necessitates the application’s electrical requirements and space constraints. A wiring diagram is then provided for the wire harness assembly. Despite the increase in automated manufacturing, hand manufacturing continues to be more cost effective in general due to the many different processes involved.

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