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Are you looking for an international or domestic wire harness supplier that is dependable, innovative and reliable? Then look no further than Precision Cable Assemblies, LLC (PCA).

PCA’s wire harness and battery cable manufacturing and corporate headquarters is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. But, they also have wire harness and battery cable manufacturing facilities located in QingDao City, ShanDong Province, China and Guadalupe, NL, Mexico. There is also a warehouse and distribution center located in Waukesha, Wisconsin that supports all facilities.

Wire harnesses come in all shapes, sizes and varying specifications. An experienced wire harness manufacture can offer custom designed assemblies that are built to your exact specifications. PCA offers prototype, design, development and full production capabilities with 100% documented continuity testing.

Small engine wire harness assembly manufactured by PCA.

PCA specializes in manufacturing wire harness assemblies, battery cable assemblies and custom cable overmoldings for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) whose equipment operates in severe environmental conditions. These conditions may include; dust, dirt, mud, high pressure water, rain, moisture, wind, high temperatures and low temperatures. But, that can also provide the higher electrical amperage that is required by equipment such as: Farm Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Golf Carts, Large Engines, Generator Sets or GenSets, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Drones, Boats, ATVs, Appliances, Agricultural Equipment, Emergency Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Military Vehicles, Lawn Care Equipment, Powersport Vehicles, Semi Trucks and Trailers, Small Engines, Tractor Trailer Chassis, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Utility Vehicles.

Electrical systems that operate in these environments are essential to dependability so the operator does not encounter a breakdown. Loss of electrical power to these machines usually means loss of money. PCA tests all engine wiring harnesses before they are shipped out to an OEM for 100% continuity.

PCA Wire is an international wire harness assembly manufacturer

Precision Cable Assemblies is ISO 9001:2015 certified in manufacturing of wire harnesses and battery cables, warehousing and shipping at their Brookfield, Waukesha and Mexico locations. In China, they are IATF 16949:2016 certified in wire harness manufacturing. All PCA components are RoHS compliant for your safety.

Precision Cable Assemblies is a premier wire harness supplier with the experience and knowledge to help you save money on your assemblies. Contact PCA today!