PCA Reduces UTV Engine Compartment Clutter with Custom Battery Cables

PCA Helps Reduce UTV Engine Compartment Clutter and Space Problems with Custom Battery Cables and Integrated In-Line Fuse

Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle manufacturers produce gas powered vehicles that service a broad variety of institutions, sports venues, manufacturers, and even private individuals. A common design challenge for all of these applications is maximization of utility or passenger space. As a result, reduction of the engine compartment size is always a main design objective, whether it is located under the passenger seat or under the front hood.

In order to shrink the engine compartment space, or in certain cases accommodate larger engines in the same space OEMs have had to look at every component in the engine compartment – from custom battery cables to mounting brackets – with an eye to reducing size while maintaining functionality and quality.

A major UTV manufacturer recently approached PCA with a request to help reduce the space required to incorporate a battery cable and fuse assembly in the engine compartment of one of its vehicles. The existing design consisted of a large box-like fuse mounted to a battery terminal and to which a separate battery cable was attached. The assembly was bulky, time consuming to assemble in the manufacturing process and difficult to repair if the fuse had to be replaced. 

PCA engineers investigated each of the elements in the request and came up with a concept that improves manufacturability, provides superior protection from environmental conditions and eliminates all of the space required by the original Z-Case fuse – while maintaining its 80 amp rating. The new, custom battery cable assembly is now a single component. By replacing the Z-Case style fuse with an in-line MIDI fuseholder, PCA was able to eliminate all the space taken up by the Z-Case fuse and keep the total assembly size within the original cable’s envelope by itself.

Custom Battery Cables

The new cable with inline MIDI fuseholder also simplifies assembly since it is a single component. In addition, it eliminates incorrect assembly because the ring terminals at each end of the custom battery cable are of different sizes: one is 5/16” while the other is 1/4”. This simple design modification prevents incorrect installation either at initial assembly, or in the event of a repair.

From prototype to full production capabilities, simple to complex battery cable designs and custom molding and over-molding, PCA is equipped to provide OEMs with high quality and cost optimized solutions.

Precision Cable Assemblies continues to be a cable assembly manufacturer that leads the way in conventional and custom battery cable assembly.

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