PCA Operates Streamlined OEM Wire Harness Design and Production

wire harness assembly, wire harness connectors, wiring harness connectorsIn the 30 years since it was founded, PCA Precision Cable Assemblies has undergone a lot of changes. They started with manufacturing battery cables and ground straps in 1980. Then they added production of wire harness designs in 1994.

As they’ve continued to evolve, PCA has had an eye on logistics and quick response times for clients. In today’s business climate, uncertain government mandates—surrounding the pandemic—are a certainty. PCA’s streamlined operation continues to deliver quality products quickly while optimizing costs.

How PCA’s Global Manufacturing Team Delivers Quality Wire Harness Designs

With four world-class manufacturing facilities, OEM focused custom product development, and product launch teams to help clients bring products to market quickly and cost-effectively—PCA has created global logistics solutions to move product quickly at a competitive price. How do they do it?

  1. They spread their manufacturing facilities worldwidePCA has facilities in Brookfield, Wis.; Qingdao, China; Monterrey, Mexico, and Waukesha, Wis. for a total of 225,000 ft2 of production space. They source material out of their corporate headquarters and then direct each location to procure local material. These processes ensure their supply chain is competitive and eliminates unnecessary freight and lead-time, as manufacturers utilize local material.
  2. Engineering and quality teams reside in each facility – They offer necessary support as well as supporting other locations allowing PCA to flex resources as needed. All teams report to their U.S. Headquarters.
  3. They have a consolidated warehouse – In 2017, PCA consolidated their warehouses into their main distribution center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This allowed them to manage all shipping and duties associated with client products in a single location.

Why Choose to Work With PCA?

During a time where many OEMs have seen supply chain disruptions, PCA continues to leverage its worldwide footprint to ensure product delivery. What tools are at their disposal?

  1. Split Manufacturing – With the ability to build product in separate regions, PCA minimizes the risk of supply chain disruptions and tariffs.
  2. Mirrored Equipment – Each location has terminating, molding, and testing equipment on site. This gives them the flexibility to move manufacturing locations and PPAP per their customers’ requests.
  3.  Managed Engineering and QA – PCA houses customer drawings, models, prints, and specifications at their corporate headquarters. With a thorough launch process, parts are set up and relevant files are accessed by production facilities.

 Forecasts Look Good for PCA Wire Harness Design Customers

 Using their SAP system weekly, PCA teams plan both raw material and production order needs at each location. This process ensures on-time delivery of parts. Contact PCA today for more information on how they can ensure timely delivery of your wire harnessesbattery cables, and custom wiring solutions.