PCA Makes Waves with Marine Custom Battery Cable

When a client came to us in need of a new version of cable, the PCA team went to work. We needed to create a custom battery cable that runs through the casting of an engine from the battery to the starter. It was going to be used for a watercraft so it would have to hold up to saltwater, moisture, and dust. The key to design success was ensuring that the inside of the engine casting was fully sealed from the water on the outside.

How Our Team Solved Custom Battery Cable Challenges

To complete this project, numerous marine teams would get involved. The client was looking for a cleaner-looking design, so this custom battery cable would be running up through the middle of the engine casting, rather than the outside.

Our design team had to determine how to make this happen in heavy, wet conditions. They designed a unique grommet and a special method that would work best to attach it to the insulation that encases the cable conductors.

The engineering support team looked at shape and considered tolerances, material selection, and processes.

Our prototype team weighed in on the marine conditions. We decided on a special surface preparation and glue that worked to bond neoprene to plastic.

And in order to ensure an economical—yet durable solution—to properly seal the battery cable passageway, we designed an overmolded version of the grommet. The assembly process uses a combination of heat and glue to form an occlusive seal that completely protects the inside of the battery cable passageway from all external conditions. Sales and production were included every step of the way to make sure the final assembly met all customer requirements.

Was All This Custom Work Expensive and Time-Consuming?

In the past, making the mold out of metal and shaping it would have been both time-consuming and pricy. However, with today’s technology, our team designed the custom assembly in CAD and sent the file to a rapid 3D prototype printer.

The prototype mold production time was just two days and cost $1000. Once we had proof of concept, production mold time was four to five weeks and came in at $8000.

How Can Our PCA Team Assist You?

The client had what they needed on time and at a price they were happy with. And our team took pride in putting together a winning solution. Need a custom battery cable assembly? Contact us and let us determine how we can help you with your custom molded cable