Battery Cables

Precision Cable Assemblies is a highly competitive leader in battery cable assembly of conventional and custom power battery cables.

Tapered Post Battery
Ring to Ring
Flat/Ground Straps
Booster Cables
Fused Battery Cables

Tapered Post Battery

  • Tapered Post terminals available in Lead, Forged Bronze, and stamped Brass
  • Lead Castings available with or without an internal Steel Reinforcement Ring
  • Tin Plated Brass stamped terminals for wire gages from 6 through 2 gage (RoHS Compliant)
  • Lead Cast Heads for wires ranging from 8ga to 4/0
  • Multiple Configurations for multiple wires, side leads, 90° Flags, etc.
  • Hardware options for multiple lengths, double headed nuts, and various plating options
  • Heat Shrink and Covering Options tailored to meet your final product needs

Ring to Ring

  • Copper and Brass Options as well as various plating combinations available
  • Open Barrel Terminals for wire gages from 8ga to 2ga
  • Closed Barrel Lug terminals from 8ga through 4/0ga
  • Pico Style Crimp Capabilities for power connectors on opposite end of rings where needed
  • Capabilities to crimp multiple wires in the same terminal
  • Heavy duty pull test capabilities for large cables
  • Tin Dip Capabilities for additional corrosion resistance and increased pull strength
  • Various Covering Options (Ling to Wire Harness Coverings Page)

Flat/Ground Straps

  • Round and Flat wire options for ground straps
  • Lead Cast, Stamped Thimble, Lug, and Open Barrel Terminal Options
  • Braided copper stranding has no insulation for flexible routing and minimal space impact
  • Lancing Lug Terminal for removal of Paint during connection to Chassis

Booster Cables

  • Co-Extruded battery cable wire in 8, 6, 4 and 2ga
  • Options for printed and molded stripe marking to differentiate conductors
  • Specialized cutting equipment for circuit slitting and specialized part design
  • Coiling operations directly off cutting equipment
  • Ideal option for small space requirements to transfer battery power through a vehicle

Fused Battery Cables

  • IP67 Sealed fuse integral to Battery Cable
  • Multiple Form Factors for Midi, Mega, and Maxi Fuses
  • Complete cables or sub assemblies allow custom designed fuse options to splice into existing products
  • Temperature options for 105°C and 125°C

Fused Battery Cable Manufacturers

  • In-line, fused battery cables are a great option when overloads are likely to become problematic. A complete line of in-line fuse holders can be specified as a part of any custom assembly request.