Custom Molded Assemblies

PCA custom cable assemblies offer many advantages including durability, customization, and styling.

With our on-site injection molding equipment and design capabilities, we are able to provide a variety of molded terminal configurations. We will customize existing molds or design new ones to meet any wire harness specification. Common production requirements range from a single pin or receptacle to multi cavity molds and include parts that have a variety of colors or that must be produced at different temperatures. Custom molded cable assemblies also provide environmentally resistant seals at connection points.

Battery Interconnects
SAE Molded Plugs
Custom Molded Plugs

Battery Interconnects

  • Typical Molding Colors are Red and Black, other options available
  • Double Terminal options for retianed nut and/or static post
  • Double End, Single End, and Center Terminal Options
  • Confurations for single wire or multiple wire segments
  • Standard and Custom retained boot options.

SAE Molded Plugs

  • .156 and .180 Bullet and Receptacle Terminals
  • Straight and 90° Configurations
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8 pin standard SAE Mold configurations
  • Molded Color Options
  • Mating options to 2 and 3 pin configurations for overmolded diodes, TVS diodes, and resistors
  • Insert capabilities for part number and component details
  • Multiple shutoffs for various wire exit configurations
  • Brass, Tinned Brass, Silver/Nickel Plating Options.

Customization and styling

  • Custom molded connectors can be designed to meet most applications, typical designs allow the following features to be specified.
    • Material Compounds (PVC, Thermoplastic Elastomers (Santoprene, Uniprene, etc.)
    • Material Durometer
    • Color
    • IP Rating against dust/dirt/moisture
    • Ergonomic and Style Factors
    • Mating Force of terminals and molded connectors
    • Keying Features to control Mating
    • Temperature Requirments
    • Terminals and Terminal Plating.
    • Amperage rating and allowable gage ranges of wires in the Connector