Wire Harness Assembly

High Quality Wire Harnesses are the backbone of electro mechanical systems. PCA is capable of supplying an infinite number of possiblilites combining wires, connectors, terminals, splices, and protective coverings. Our highly skilled electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering staff can work with you to develop the right harness for your needs. During harness development, we focus on proper component selection, making sure the correct properties of sealing, amperage, and form factor are met, we also work to package and affix fasteners to the harness so installation time at the assembly line can be minimized.  All harnesses undergo one hundred percent continuity testing to ensure they are wired correctly as well as visual checks to ensure fuses, relays, coverings, etc have been properly applied.

Wire Type / Circuits
Harness Covering Options
Wire Harness Assembly
Wire Marking Capabilities

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Wire Type / Circuits

  • PVC, TPE, and all cross link automotive wire types and colors, including GXL, SXL, TXL
  • UL wires such as UL 1015 & UL 3173 well as J1939 for twisted Pair Wires
  • Anti Capillary & Silicon Blocked Wires
  • Wire gages ranging from 20 gauge signal wire to 4/0 power cable
  • Typical harnesses range from 1 to 300 + circuits

Splicing Capabilities

  • Ultrasonic Welding of Splices up to 32mm^2
  • Ultrasonic weld joins can bring upt to 16 wires into a single splice
  • Splice Optimization to determine best locations and placement
  • Open Barrel Mechanical Crimp type for 8mm^2 cross sectional areaand under
  • Parallel and Butt Splice closed barrel crimp type for 8-32mm^2 applications
  • Multi Wire teminations in instances to reduce splices
  • Splices typically covered with Dual Wall/Glue Lined Heatshrink
  • Splicing available through Bus bars in certain connector modules

Small Engine Wire Harness Development

Harness Covering Options

  • Woven Nylon Braid
  • High Performance Slit and non-slit convoluted tubing
    • Temperature Ranges: 105°C, 125°C, 150°C
    • Resistance to Chemicals, UV Light, Abrasion, as needed
    • Red and Black typical, other color options available
  • Flexible PET sleeving
  • Reflective Heat Wrap Tapes
  • Coroplast Woven Friction Wrap Tape
  • Electrical Tape, multiple sizes & colors

Wire Harness Assembly

  • Electrified dimensional build boards with 100% continuity test
  • Capabilities to test for fuse,diode,resistor, and relay presence
  • Mating harness test fixtures for lower production harnesses
  • Ability to free hand build harnesses for prototypes and design validation
  • Separate layout boards for addition of fir tree clips, rosebuds, clamps,and labels after coverings added
  • Capabilities to add board interlocks and test markings to harness as needed

Wire Marking Capabilities

  • In-line inkjet circuit printing
  • Hot stamp wire printing
  • Wrapped and Flagged labels
  • Custom printed and diecut decals
  • Pictogram Labels and Barcode Labels (2D,Datamatrix,etc)
  • Assembly Markings and locator identification points