Professional Lawn Tractor Wiring Harness Case Study

tractor wiring harness, lawn tractor wiring harness The professional lawn tractor and turf care industry has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years. Operators have offered a wealth of suggestions and requests to equipment manufacturers regarding operation, wiring harness capabilities, ergonomics and maintenance. All of the resulting design improvements have led to a very competitive environment for OEMs that serve this industry.

As professional lawn care tractors have evolved, associated wire harnesses and electrical systems have undergone significant upgrades in order to meet extended power distribution requirements, cost reductions and functionality improvements.

Lawn tractor wire harnesses, which are the backbone of professional lawn care tractor electrical distribution systems, have become much more customized. The variety of components that are incorporated as integral elements of the final assembly are also more and more specialized.

Traditionally, connectors, power distribution modules and fuse holders have been standard products originally designed for high volume automotive applications. These components, while technically functional, were often over-sized, had unnecessary capacity and were only partially suited to lawn care tractor equipment applications. Their use was viewed as a pragmatic solution to low and medium volume wiring harness requirements.

tractor wiring harness, lawn tractor wiring harness PCA, Inc. (Precision Cable Assemblies) has taken a bold step in the custom wiring harness assembly business. Their highly experienced design and manufacturing engineering team has developed a hybrid approach that works for both standard and custom product development. In response to market needs, they have developed a standard series of Power Distribution Modules (PDMs), fuse holders and connectors designed specifically for lawn and turf care tractor wiring harness assemblies.

The standard PDM components have a compact form factor, are specifically sized for lawn care platforms, and come in 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96-way configurations.

Recognizing that cost effective, platform-specific functionality is more and more the norm in the industry, PCA has established a custom component development capability that is highly cost competitive at both low and medium volumes.
This combination of custom tractor wiring harness assembly and in-house power distribution component design and manufacturing means that PCA is uniquely positioned to provide highly competitive, wire harness assemblies in low, medium and high volume quantities.

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