PCA Aids Husco in Massive Off-Highway Project

When Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA) OEM customer, Husco, had a challenging project, they turned to PCA for a custom wire harness assembly.

Husco, a privately-owned company that designs and manufactures components for automotive and off-highway equipment OEMs, was looking to bring the performance of an industrial robot—such as you’d see on an automotive production line—to a large piece of construction equipment.

Essentially, Husco designed a digital machine control system that turns pilot-operated hydraulic machines into high-performance digitally controlled machines.

How to Bring Digital Controls to a 21-Ton Excavator

“The challenge for us was how to bring advanced electro-hydraulic performance to a machine that has been developed for human, not digital operation,” Simon Yardley, director of strategic business development for Husco, says.  “Inherently, these machines have compromised geometry and hydraulic systems that have a lot of flexibility and variability within them.”

The largest challenge, Yardley says, was that the solution had to be applied to an existing machine, without a major transplant of the hydraulic system or the control system, or without changing the structure of the machine itself.

Husco Relied on PCA for Custom Wire Harness Assembly

PCA’s industrial engineering staff worked with Husco to learn the scope of the project and then they got to work. The team created a custom wire harness assembly that would safely house signals that supply the power and performance control necessary for the electro-hydraulic control of any pilot-operated excavator.

With 100% factory-tested components, corrosion protection, and easy installation, Husco could trust the PCA off-highway wire assembly would withstand the force necessary to perform.

The Solution: Exacto – A Turnkey Electro-Hydraulic Control System

Husco’s new digital machine control system—EXACTO—is an integrated system that offers operators as much or as little control as they need.  Several sensors relay what’s happening to the main control valve. Exacto knows the general environment of the hydraulic system but also interacts with external sensors such as GPS. It also allows the customer to analyze data important to them such as precision, productivity, or speed.

PCA looks forward to their continued partnership with Husco as Husco takes Exacto to the next level. Husco’s goal: to make digital control of hydraulic systems simple and easy.

Husco is a privately-owned company specializing in hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems. Husco has over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing components for Automotive and Off-Highway equipment for OEMs across the globe