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oem wire harness manufacturer, oem wire manufacturingOEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) rely on wire harness manufacturers to supply them with critical electrical distribution systems to power their equipment. Almost all modern pieces of equipment and machinery incorporate peripheral electronic or electrical components. These components involve unique power, control signals and interface features with very specific assembly requirements due to their complex nature.

Machinery, heavy duty off-road and on-road transportation vehicles, as well as utility vehicles that are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions require a partner that is highly experienced in engine wire harness engineering, cable design, component outsourcing and manufacturing.

Since 1980, Precision Cable Assemblies LLC (PCA) has been innovating design and production processes for wire harness, battery cable assemblies and custom cable overmoldings for many of the top OEM brands in the world:

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PCA Designs and Manufactures Electrical Wire Harnesses for OEMs Large and Small

PCA’s design expertise allows OEMs to stay competitive with peripheral component offerings by improved processes and productivity. Each design is carefully thought out and planned to reduce the footprint of an organized wire harness assembly, while still providing the extra power that is required.

Functionality and quality are the driving force of PCA’s wire harnesses, battery cable assemblies and custom cable overmoldings.

From an idea to prototype to full production capabilities – PCA has 3 locations to serve all OEMs with electrical component and assembly needs:

  • Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Guadalupe, Mexico
  • ShanDong Providence, China

PCA also has a warehouse located in Waukesha, Wisconsin to house and stock necessary components and assemblies.

All components are RoHS compliant. PCA is ISO 9001:2015 certified as well. In China, PCA carries certificate IATF 16949 Certified:2016.

With their state-of-the art manufacturing equipment, design engineers and industry understanding, PCA offers their customers high performance assemblies that OEMs often require.

Contact PCA today to request a quote on OEM wire harness manufacturing design.